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Questions, advice, and pictures of/about/for bright, original, body art

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Just so everyone knows, I'm gonna be updating the info a bit to link to a website of a lady I really admire. She's a musician and an all around artist, designs her own clothes, makeup etc...

Anyways, it'll all be in the user info eventually....just check back in a day or three.

~The Lady Kat

P.S. If you're curious and don't want to wait the person I'm speaking of is doedeere.

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I have a question.

I've always believed that one should always highlight/accent their best features. But when you do alot of loud eyemakeup is it better to tone down your lips or to match them as best you can? My eyes are beautiful *I think* and my lips have a perfect shape *i think* .

When I do my eyes, sometimes just with black eyeliner, I'll tone down my lips with a light gloss or a pale pink lipstick or nude color.

When I do my eyes really dark and extravagant I tend to have problems making my lips go with the eyes. They either draw attention away from my eyes, or my lips will match the colors but the lipcolor I'm wearing will be totally wrong for my skin tone. So do I just play it down? Or go completely wild with like, blue lipstick or something you know? *pictures herself in green lipstick and shudders* ok scratch that idea...any ideas would be helpful short of turning my lips into kissable mold.


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cor, this place is empty! time to fill the space! im addicted to wearing makeup, can't leave the house without it! only problem is, im blind as a bat; i need to wear glasses ALL the time. this i don't terribly mind because i do love my glasses and they are a part of me. the problem you ask? if there's a special occasion (club, event etc) doing decorative and slightly flamboyant makeup just gets lost on my face, and tends to look crowded because of the lines already created by my glasses. behold, an image of me without make-up.


UGH. nakedCollapse )

so basically, its good quality eyeliner pencil with liquid eyeliner. (pencils are perfect for upper and lower inner eyeline). a little eyeshadow and some mascara. any other eye makeup tends to look too heavy, too busy and just plain silly. and that's starting to bother me. i need some tips on how to do my eyes so it WONT look too crowded and so its not just your basic makeup.

as for hair? constantly cut and dyed in different ways. had a deathhawk (thick teased mohawk) for a long time before having a chelsea (shaved head with fringe) and im currently growing it out. constantly dying and bleaching my hair (once or twice a week usually) i cut my own hair and even cut and style my friends hair. if you're after any hair dying and styling tips - im your girl!!

thanks in advance - prue

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This community is just a fledgling so for now it probably won't be that interesting. I hope everyone feels free to post though and if you know anyone else who might enjoy posting/being a part of this please let them know that we are here.


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Welcome one and all to Gothic Body Art.

Once accepted please remember to mark your posts as friends only.

Pics are VERY VERY much welcomed and we are looking for a co-moderator and a graphics/layout maintainer.

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