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cor, this place is empty! time to fill the space! im addicted to…

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cor, this place is empty! time to fill the space! im addicted to wearing makeup, can't leave the house without it! only problem is, im blind as a bat; i need to wear glasses ALL the time. this i don't terribly mind because i do love my glasses and they are a part of me. the problem you ask? if there's a special occasion (club, event etc) doing decorative and slightly flamboyant makeup just gets lost on my face, and tends to look crowded because of the lines already created by my glasses. behold, an image of me without make-up.



so basically, its good quality eyeliner pencil with liquid eyeliner. (pencils are perfect for upper and lower inner eyeline). a little eyeshadow and some mascara. any other eye makeup tends to look too heavy, too busy and just plain silly. and that's starting to bother me. i need some tips on how to do my eyes so it WONT look too crowded and so its not just your basic makeup.

as for hair? constantly cut and dyed in different ways. had a deathhawk (thick teased mohawk) for a long time before having a chelsea (shaved head with fringe) and im currently growing it out. constantly dying and bleaching my hair (once or twice a week usually) i cut my own hair and even cut and style my friends hair. if you're after any hair dying and styling tips - im your girl!!

thanks in advance - prue

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On July 26th, 2005 08:27 pm (UTC), carmineclover commented:
What about just following the lines of your glasses so they don't contrast. Look in the mirror and do something bright and flamboyant but without blending...seperate the colors so when you look at yourself dead on, the rim of the glasses seems a part of the makeup?

"racoon" type makeup seems like it would work too as long as you went all the way to the hairline.

I kinda suck at this...see what I'd LOVE to do is sit down with you and my makeup and just go to town. *sheepish grin*

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On July 29th, 2005 01:27 am (UTC), __king_ink__ replied:
hehehe yeah, the style of these glasses means that they never entirely cover my eyes when i look dead on. (really skinny frames) which i like, its just difficult, i have tried doing heavy lines and it doesnt work out to badly but it does still seem cluttered. thanks for the advice though.
ill try doing segments of colour rather than blending. (i use deep shimmery blues, every shade of green under the sun and black)
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