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I have a question. I've always believed that one should always…

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I have a question.

I've always believed that one should always highlight/accent their best features. But when you do alot of loud eyemakeup is it better to tone down your lips or to match them as best you can? My eyes are beautiful *I think* and my lips have a perfect shape *i think* .

When I do my eyes, sometimes just with black eyeliner, I'll tone down my lips with a light gloss or a pale pink lipstick or nude color.

When I do my eyes really dark and extravagant I tend to have problems making my lips go with the eyes. They either draw attention away from my eyes, or my lips will match the colors but the lipcolor I'm wearing will be totally wrong for my skin tone. So do I just play it down? Or go completely wild with like, blue lipstick or something you know? *pictures herself in green lipstick and shudders* ok scratch that idea...any ideas would be helpful short of turning my lips into kissable mold.


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On August 2nd, 2005 01:12 pm (UTC), __king_ink__ commented:
i think there needs to be balance between the top and bottom of your face. i always wear a varying shade of red to balance out the green or blue eyeshadow but the look i have is always very bold and striking. i tend to be anti matching lipstick to eyeshadow. i say; if you want to excentuate your lips without going overboard on them, wear a natural/pink lipliner to bring out the shape and use a lightly tinted gloss. the red lipstick working with blue eyeshadow is a contrast and because they balance each other they get as much attention as each other. but i think the gloss is a better idea.
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