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Really shitty job on the eyeliner but I was drunk. What I'm…

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Really shitty job on the eyeliner but I was drunk. What I'm proud of is the rainbow. It's my signature style. This particular picture was taken at the end of a really long evening but the color is still there.

For anyone who is interested here's what I did:

I started by putting a very light layer of foundation...it keeps the color longer.
I brushed a base of shimmery gold because I was going out and I wanted the color to shine.
Then I put a really bright red on the inner corner a yellow in the middle and a blue almost at the end. Then working from the inside out I used a clean brush to blend the colors and then added a bit of red at the outside to create the purple when blended. I really dig this because it means I can be cheap and only buy the three colors.

I'm all about making my own colors.

Also a bit of intro...I'm Kat, I'm an aspiring photographer/makeup artist. I do alot of photo-editing and I usually use photos I've taken. Usually at friend's requests...I give them things like wings, horns, a smaller frame..whatever. I really don't dig altering the person's image..it's just fake and you know they're gonna show that to people and tell them it's really them. I've only actually altered someone's appearance in a photo once and it was for a REALLY good friend and she only wanted it for "thin-spiration" to get skinnier. *shrugs* that's cool.

Anyways so that's a bit about me. I'm not very talented but I'm learning more everyday. I'm blessed to have a husband who lets me experiment on him...those are my eyes up there but be warned, you may see pics of his eyes posted in here.

I mostly do eye details...I like accentuating my best feature and keeping the rest of my face pretty mild in comparison so as not to draw attention to my less then perfect features. *grin*

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On July 26th, 2005 02:31 pm (UTC), __king_ink__ commented:
woaaah gorgeous eyes!
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On July 26th, 2005 06:37 pm (UTC), 0xpoisongirlx0 commented:
you did a really nice job with the eyeshadow! i'm going to have to try that sometime :)
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